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Book I - The Original Village Display Tips

Book II - Village Display Tips: Volume II

Book III - More Village Display Tips

More Village Display Tips

The third book in the series, More Village Display Tips includes many more great ideas from collectors - ideas for creating and enhancing displays using the pieces introduced prior to publication. Step-by-step display development is shown for the new collector - and for the more advanced; creating realistic mountains using Geodesic Foam. It also features unique ideas for decorating with porcelain buildings; seasonal displays and vignettes; plus so much more. This resource is filled with useful ideas which can be applicable for all miniature porcelain villages - large or small. Not a duplication of content from previous books. Perfect bound, 6.75” x 9.75”, 120 pages - four color

Some of the topics included are:

  • ■ Building displays with styrofoam
    ■ Smaller sub-series displays
    ■ Working with duplicated pieces
    ■ Trees - make your own
    ■ Expanding an existing display
    ■ Developing historic displays
    ■ New ways to create mountains
    ■ More ways to assimilate water
    ■ Printed background are magnificent background
    ■ Seasonal displays
    ■ Removing snow from buildings, or adding it back
    ■ Display your favorite ballpark
    ■ Little space / huge impact
    ■ Themed displays with everyday props

No village collector should be without this informative resource.

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Display development using different materials Geodesic Foam usage Building elevations
More ways to assimilate water Leaving the displays up year around Decorate with village pieces
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