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Book I - The Original Village Display Tips

Book II - Village Display Tips: Volume II

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Village Display Tips: Volume II

Lighted porcelain buildings are becoming highly detailed and many collectors are realizing that creating an environment for them is not only creative, but it is also very rewarding. Selecting the pieces to collect is only the first step. What one does with them makes the difference between a mediocre or stunning display.

Village Display Tips: Volume II provides still more ideas for every village collector to make sensational displays. Although the ideas provided are more advanced than The Original Village Display Tips book, it compliments it nicely and is not a duplication of content. It is a compilation of over 35 talented collectors. This 120 page book, illustrated in full-color, is a must for any collector wishing to enhance their village displays.

Some of the topics included are:

    ■ Laying out a village using focal points to develop a strong composition.
    ■ Using the non-snow covered buildings in small vignettes or merging them into a winter scene.
    ■ Transitioning pieces from multiple villages into one display.
    ■ Adding multiple trains and other animation into a village display.
    ■ Holiday themes, including Halloween.
    ■ New techniques for making mountains, streams and waterfalls.
    ■ New materials to use for creating landscape features.
    ■ Creating special lighting effects.
    ■ Several projects to make to enhance a village setting.
    ■ Plus numerous other helpful hints and ideas.

This informative book is a another wonderful resource for the village collector.

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Laying out a village Themed displays Adding multiple trains Other ways to assimilate water
Transitioning villages and combining village pieces into other villages Using the non-snow covered buildings
Halloween Village Special lighting techniques And, more, more, more!


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