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Village Display Updates - Series I

As collectors get more involved with collecting porcelain buildings, the desire for more ideas increases. Village Display Updates - Series I is the first set of newsletter formatted publications providing new and interesting display ideas and techniques. Each of the six (8 pages), 8-1/2" x 11" color periodicals are themed as follows

Number 1:
Keeping them up just a little longer. Creating seasonal displays. Hiding the snow, developing displays from ceiling tiles, and more…
Number 2:
Modular construction projects that can be done throughout the year and easily stored. Part I - mountains, ponds, waterfalls, and more…
Number 3:
Modular construction projects that can be done throughout the year and easily stored. Part II - sticks and stones: rushing streams, decks and more…
Number 4:
Projects or ideas using some of the 1999 introductions. Make your own cobble-stones and fences, and more…

Number 5:
Details, details, details. Bring life into your village. Make it unique by adding your personal touch. Motion and movement grab your attention, and more…

Number 6:
Collecting multiple villages, merging and transitioning. Creating elevations and developing flow. Hints for better photography...

The above topics are not a duplication of information found in the Village Display Tips books or other Village Display Updates. The series was created in 1999. Reprinted on different paper, than Series II and III.

Village Display Updates - Series I is available for $24.00 for the set of 6 (8 pages each). Village Display Updates - Series II and III - each a set of four (12 pages) are also available for $24.00 for each set. All three complement The Original Village Display Tips, Village Display Tips: Volume II and More Village Display Tips books, compilations of ideas, tips and techniques for collectors by collectors. Visa and MasterCard accepted.


Seasonal displays Hiding the snow patches Creating a waterfall
Changing the stock mountains to make them look more natural Wax water Make your own cobblestones
Detailing your village And, more, more, more!


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