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Village Display Updates - Series II

Village Display Updates - Series II consists of four 8-1/2" x 11" color periodicals. Twelve pages each, (Series I contains eight pages each, six in set). Village Display Updates - Series II issues provide more ideas to display and develop village displays. Each issue in Series II follows special themes.

Number 1:
More modular projects to use with your villages. Plus . . . great ideas for Season's Bay or to modify other villages for extended viewing throughout the year. There are many new ideas to make your villages an interesting hobby throughout the year.

Number 2:
Put on your conductor's cap and toot the horn. Railroading offers a new dimension. Here is a guide for adding the right trains to your village display.

Number 3:
Ways to showcase your displays in limited areas like bookcase shelves - will be addressed. Don't be afraid to mix your village pieces into striking displays.
Number 4:
Everyone loves to see creative genius. We all can learn from them. Featured are some displays that took top honors in Collector Gatherings around the country in 2000, as well as focusing on using the new pieces, and more . . .

The above topics are not a duplication of information found in the Village Display Tips books or other Village Display Updates. The series was created in 2000.

Village Display Updates - Series I is available for $24.00 for the set of 6 (8 pages each). Village Display Updates - Series II and III - each a set of four (12 pages) are also available for $24.00 for each set. All three complement The Original Village Display Tips, Village Display Tips: Volume II and More Village Display Tips books, compilations of ideas, tips and techniques for collectors by collectors. Visa and MasterCard accepted.


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