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Village Display Updates - Series III

Village Display Updates - Series III is the third set of periodicals from the publisher of Village Display Tips. Similar to the format of Series II created in 2000, the issues offer more display ideas for collectors of lighted houses. A reader survey recently conducted indicated that several themes were of major interest for collectors wishing to enhance their village displays. Each of the quarterly publications have concentrated on the following themes.

Number 1:
Collectors have accumulated numerous buildings over the years, but many feel they have a limited knowledge to put them into large displays effectively. Issue 1 provides a further understanding of color, design, layout and balance as they relate to creating a large display. Collectors also wanted suggestions of which buildings should be grouped together based on style, height, color and proportion. Not everyone collects all the buildings in a series, but the examples will be provided using the standards of good design principles.
Number 2:
Everyone has concerns about the electrical aspects of display building. This may include safety issues, power plugs, extension cords, adapters and adding additional power through the use of train transformers. Other related issues include more ideas on hiding the cords and adapters, street lights, and other aspects of power.
Number 3:
Themes for the third issue include creating interesting backgrounds for displays, tying the backgrounds into the display, bringing color into a drab winter scene or the stark white North Pole or Alpine backgrounds. Theme development for small vignettes or as part of a larger display provides atmosphere and interest.
Number 4:
Every year, there are new introductions. New ideas for their placement are exciting. Let's see what we can do with them! This series was created in 2001.

The above topics are not a duplication of information found in the Village Display Tips books or Village Display Updates - Series I or Series II.

Village Display Updates - Series I is available for $24.00 for the set of 6 (8 pages each). Village Display Updates - Series II and III - each a set of four (12 pages) are also available for $24.00 for each set. All three complement The Original Village Display Tips, Village Display Tips: Volume II and More Village Display Tips books, compilations of ideas, tips and techniques for collectors by collectors. Visa and
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