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Village Scaping: Halloween: 102 (DVD)
Realistic Landscape Treatments
The Halloween Village has become one of the most popular villages to acquire and display. The themed buildings are exciting, many with animation to enthusiastically bring the viewer into the display. There are few limits on creativity. A display can be fun, colorful and vibrant, with cute, little trick or treaters roaming through out the streets; or become dark, eerie, and scary. Or, it can be a combination of both effects.
Halloween: 101 goes into the basics of display building...working with styrofoam as the main building material. Developing caves, carving slopes, painting as well as detailing to personalize your village. The techniques can be applied to any village by changing the coloration and choice of buildings.
The techniques in Halloween: 102 are more advanced, but are likewise versatile for application within other villages. Although styrofoam is still the main display element, canned insulation foam adds a unique touch to form the surrounding landscape - especially in a rocky Halloween, New England, or Snow Village or Alpine mountain scene. The effects of using sands, turf and other landscape materials is stunning!
This DVD features eight lighted houses with numerous accessory pieces. Most buildings provide clues to how they should be displayed. Those become the focal points of the display. A mill needs water. It will be on a stream. The stream drops off a rocky embarkment into a river. It's the perfect excuse to accent a train. The train runs on track, goes over trestles placed in the water and provides the illusion of being able to disappear into the tunnels. Go for the simple, quick way; or try a more striking scene. A stone look or wood, it depends on your time commitment and desire for detail. Painting water, creating water falls, weathering and aging; Halloween: 102 offers many new ideas and techniques to include in your next village display. Just add your favorite buildings. You can do it, too! It is approximately one hour in length. It is available on DVD for $24.95 each, plus shipping and handling.

As a special treat, the home of Elaine Schlaht is transformed each Halloween as ghosts and gobblins; black bats, and black cats; spiders, and witches pay a visit. Observe closely. Her exquisite Halloween presentation provides numerous ideas for you to apply in your next Halloween display.
Song of the Birds - Catalan Folk Song
Day and Night - Russian Gypsy Song / Flute Solos by David Shostac, from his CD Romantic Flute II, Antoinette Perry - Piano. Used with permission: www.davidshostac.com

Directed by Sasa Skoko and Leigh Gieringer

Village Scaping: Halloween 102 $24.95


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