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Village Display Tips, Village Display Updates, Village Scaping DVDs and Village Display Techniques Booklets and E-books are invaluable resources for every collector who wishes to enhance their Christmas or year 'round village displays. These techniques can be applicable for all villages; from Snow Village, Old or New England, quaint Alpine settings to the fantasyland of the North Pole or Halloween. Your village displays will come alive!

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The Original Village Display Tips Book

This is THE book that started it all! Whether you are a new or seasoned collector, The Original Village Display Tips book provides hundreds of ideas, tips and techniques to enhance your next Christmas village displays. It is an introduction to display building offering easy to follow instructions on how to develop beautiful displays. Numerous collectors from across the country and Canada have shared their display secrets to make these resources multi-faceted and extremely valuable. From mini-vignettes to large elaborate mega-displays, and everything in between, your village displays will become personal treasures, supply hours of creative enjoyment and help build cherished family memories and traditions. Click on The Original Village Display Tips link for content.

Village Display Updates

Looking for more display ideas? Village Display Updates provides numerous projects and ideas to incorporate into your next display. They are a series of newsletter formatted issues offering additional ideas, tips and techniques that have been nurtured and expanded from The Original Village Display Tips book. Each issue is structured around a different theme - such as hiding snow patches on the buildings, creating waterfalls, detailing to personalize the display, adding trains, developing outstanding shelf displays, electrical concerns, adding color and determining placement. For content, more information, and to obtain copies, click on Village Display Updates - Series I, Series II, and/or Series III. Information is not duplicated throughout these references. Copies of some Updates Series are available in limited quantities. Others are reprinted as requested. Order now to have a complete set of all of them.

Village Display Tips: Volume II

Since The Original Village Display Tips was published, there have been many new pieces added to each village. There have even been new villages added. Village Display Tips: Volume II provides ideas incorporating newer pieces. Several of the themes included are developing village layouts around focal points to produce a strong village design; adding multiple trains and other animation; seasonal and non-snow displays; building up instead of out; using wheat lighting to create marvelous effects; and other ways to assimilate water, create mountains and incorporate backgrounds. Additionally, there are numerous detailing projects to enhance the overall display. Volume II is another valuable asset for making your Christmas or year 'round village displays truly special. No collector should be without these informative references.

The Original Village Display Tips book is a basic reference to assist in the development of stunning village displays! Village Display Tips: Volume II is more advanced. Information contained within Village Display Tips books and Village Display Updates is not duplicated and all resources compliment each other.

NEW!!! More Village Display Tips

The third in the series, More Village Display Tips provides even more great ideas from collectors. This resource includes ideas for creating and enhancing displays using the newer pieces introduced prior to publication. This informative book provides step-by-step display development for the new collector - and for the more advanced; creating realistic mountains using Geodesic Foam; unique ideas for decorating with porcelain buildings; seasonal displays and vignettes; plus so much more. It is filled with useful ideas which can be applicable for all miniature porcelain villages - large or small. Perfect bound, 6.75” x 9.75”, 120 pages - four color throughout.

Village Scaping DVDs

Numerous collectors have also requested a video format to help them develop better displays. Good displays are more than lining up several buildings and adding lights. It is important for the layout to flow throughout the display. Create some focal points, balance the colors and shapes, and bring the viewer into the display. Some people prefer to learn these techniques by watching someone else create them. Therefore, Village Display Tips has added a new division called Village Scaping. If you are the visual type, Village Scaping DVDs are for you!

We have five DVDs to our Village Scaping Collection!

  • Village Scaping: Halloween 101
    The most basic DVD - shows the development of a small display using styrofoam. Techniques used are
    applicable for any village.

  • Village Scaping: Village Vignettes
    Features numerous techniques: Four seasons, four times a day, four ways to create backgrounds, replicate water, lighting effects and more!

  • Village Scaping: Creating Large Displays
    Organizing neighborhoods, balancing color and shape, effective visual techniques to bring the viewer
    into your display, and more!

  • Village Scaping: A Christmas Story
    Quick and easy ways to develop a stunning display illustrated with the Dickens’ Village Christmas
    Story buildings. Techniques can be used with all villages.

  • Village Scaping: Halloween 102
    Advanced ways to landscape your village. Although it features Halloween, the applications can be applied to any village buy using a different coloration.

For more information and content of any of the above, click on the corresponding link. See the Gallery to view examples of some village display ideas. If you would like to read testimonials about Village Display Tips or Updates, you are invited to check them out as well. To place an order, click on Order Information. Visa and MasterCard welcome.


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Develop rocky terrain for coastal scenes & mountain escarpments Create backgrounds
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